For This Reason

Here are three reasons that sewing has been put on the back burner.DSCN2077DSCN2074

DSCN2076One of our daughters has decided to go back to school for nursing.

The other is going to school for elementary teaching.

We told them we would help with the grandbabies until a spot comes up in day-care.

Gay at Sentimental Stitches is having Blocks of the Month.DSCN2091

My decision to sew this quilt only came at the first of this month, so I’m a little behind.

That is OK. I’m enjoying the sewing and that’s all that matters.

Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary


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Applique Monday 18 April, 2016

 International Hermit and Stitch Weekend

 is on the blog Random Ramblings

I did some hand sewing, although not a lot.  I wanted to embroider and embellish one cq block.  Well I managed the embroidery.  Took me all day. My own fault. I fell and hurt my sewing hand last Sunday. I could only sew about three stitches before I had to rest my hand.  This is what I managed to sew. DSCN2066

As to applique, I am sewing The 1857 Album Quilt from the Sentimental Stitches blog. This block took me hours to make because of my hand. My hand just would not co-operate. DSCN2062Had an X-ray today, have not heard back from the doctor.  Don’t think it is broken but I think I badly bruised it.

Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary

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Machine Stitching Friday April 15, 2016

Looking for a UFO to sew on, I came across my Dear Jane blocks.  The blocks found are my third attempt at sewing Dear Jane.  Twice before I sewed a lot of the blocks but for some reason became upset with it and gave them away. DSCN2042

Once again I stumbled with two blocks and quit sewing them. This time I have not given them away.  I put them away. Now they are back out ( I have more than the above) and they are going to be made into a Mini Jane. I have a plan and hopefully there will enough of time to put my plan into action….We’ll see. DSCN2054

Happy Sewing Hugs,  Kathleen Mary 

Hexie Wednesday April 13, 2016

I am really enjoying sewing hexies.  I never thought I would be having this much fun with the hexies.DSCN2045

This material is what I am using for the diamonds connecting the rosettes.DSCN2047

I did not want the diamonds to have the white flowers in them so I fuzzy cut the diamonds.DSCN2049

Not much sewing for a couple of days.  Babysitting duties. I love sewing but love my grandchildren more.

Happy Sewing Hugs,  Kathleen Mary

Applique Monday

Surfing the net, I found a wonderful sew a long on Sentimental Stitchers . I really like ‘The 1857 Album Quilt’. It has taken me a while to decide on the fabric I wanted to use.                             DSCN2026                 I placed iron-on-pellon on the back of the fabric in the hopes it helps to stabilize the sewing.

 Block 4 fabric. DSCN2027

Block 4. DSCN2033

  Very pleased with the final outcome.  Just need to add the melons in the cornors, but won’t do that till I sew a couple of blocks together.  I am concerned about the melons matching up.  Once I sew the a few blocks together, it will be easy to match up the melons.

Happy Sewing Hugs, Kathleen Mary