DAY THREE: Drop and Give Me 20

I must have slept on the pillow the wrong way last night.  When I awoke my head was aching. All day long ache just didn’t want to go away. Even now as I write this, I still feel off.  I made a commitment to the February Drop and Give Me 20 challenge and I am sticking to it.

Feb 1 I sewed thisDSCN2000My intention was to sew block one of Westering Women BOM.

BUT that was not the actual setting of the block. I sewed it together wrong.  Today I pulled the block apart. Of course when I pulled it apart I used scissors instead of a seam ripper and I cut into the material on the block. Just proves when I don’t feel well I should not attempt to sew.DSCN2005I eventually cut new material and sewed to back together. Hopefully this time I sewed it the proper way.DSCN2012Happy Sewing Hugs

Kathleen Mary

DAY TWO: Drop and Give Me 20

It seemed as if I spent the entire day embellishing one seam on my Hexie block. 

 First I could not decide what type of thread to start with.   

Next I had a difficult time deciding what colour to use.  (Finally decided, sewed the basic row, didn’t like it, took that out, sewed it again using a different colour. Looks a little better.)

Then I was visiting with a friend at her home. Forgot to take the embroidery floss. 

Anyway this is what I finally came up with.DSCN2007

I need to decide on something to sew now and not wait for tomorrow. I think that was part of my problem. I could not pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do today so I just floundered around.

Tomorrow I will be sewing on my 7 1/2  blocks. There I said it. Now I just have to stick to it.

Once again I’m linking up to 2016 Drop and Give Me 20 challenge.601fb-2016dagmtHAPPY SEWING HUGS

Kathleen Mary

Westering Women BOM Block 1: Independence Square

I am joining the 2016 Block of the Month Series Westering Women,  on The Civil War Quilt blog. The block is posted on the last Wednesday of the month. Barbara Brockman is writing history posts to go along with the blocks.

I’m also participating in the 2016 Drop and Give Me 20 challenge.

Drop and Give Me Twenty 2015

I am banking on this challenge of sewing 20 mins a day to get me out of my non sewing slump and back into the swing of sewing. I feel so much better when I spend time sewing every day.  My pictures are also posted on the FB Drop and Give Me 20.

Today I sewed  Westering Women Block 1 : Independence Square.

First I had to play with my fabric to make sure I had just the right fabric.DSCN1997

Next I played with my sewing machine.DSCN2000

Now I am in the thinking stage. DSCN1998There is an idea on setting the blocks together on the blog, but I am considering other options.  Just don’t know what those options are yet.

Happy Sewing Hugs

Kathleen Mary



Next Five


Sewing tonight is off my list.DSCN1978

When I am tired, I find that tomorrow there will be lots of reverse sewing.DSCN1977

Tonight prepping the next five blocks of Dear Jane, is on my to do list.DSCN1979

If I’m lucky tomorrow one of the blocks will get sewn.DSCN1976I’m linking up with em’s scrapbag


Happy Sewing Hugs,   Kathleen Mary

Isn’t she cute?

I just fell in love with her. DSCN1971 My Monday quilting group had a great Christmas lunch and gift swap.  DSCN1972  I was lucky to be gifted with Lucy, as I call her. 

 My kitchen is home toDSCN1976 other chickens there waiting for Lucy.  Lucy will only visit my kitchen sometimes. DSCN1974 Lucy wanted to live by my sewing machine.  That’s ok, I wanted her by my sewing machine also.  DSCN1973  Lucky me, I have a new friend.

Turn on Creativity

Today Kathy Tracy from a Sentimental quilter, has a wonderful  post about being creative. If you don’t think you are creative think again and read this great post.  Read this great article here.

I sewed a block on the Sewn Seeds quilt. Now I only have need to sew this block three more  times.  DSCN1971

Happy Sewing Hugs, Kathleen Mary