Jan 26 Aim Finished

Color is not my strength.  I love color but not when it comes to putting blocks together,  I struggle. Today I sewed the 5 blocks I scheduled in my daily challenge.  It took me all day.  20 blocks sewn, only 40 more to go.  Time to put my feet up.


Stitch 5 Maidenhair Stitch + Lazy Daisy + Rose Montees

I don’t own montees so I substituted using three seed beads. I also felt the lazy daisy needed a little cheering up so I added a seed bead to them.  The thread is Frosty Rays by RG. IT seems to be a tube mesh with glittery thread inside the mesh tube.


Stitch 3 Feather Stitch, French Knot, Lazy Daisy

I really enjoyed sewing stitch 3.   Stitch three included using silk thread. I choose to sew three French Knots instead of the one French Knot shown in the diagram. ??????????

Stitch 2 Curved Feather Stitch & Lazy Daisy

This stitch challenged me.  I am good at feather stitch when the stitch is a basic stitch. The curved stitch with the extending lines on one side…..trying to make them the same size is daunting. After a few tries I am happy with the results.


No new UFO’s

This is my year to finish projects.  No new UFO’s for me. I should not surf the web.  That is dangerous for me.  I found a facebook crazy quilt challenge.  The FB page is called Joyful Embellishments.  I was not to start new projects but the lady running the fb page is telling you which stitch to stitch and how to embellishment it. I am hoping this will help me with my cq creativity.  I am a few days behind but I hope that on the weekends I will be able to catch up.  Stitch 1, Feather stitch and lazy daisy.??????????  My problem that I have now is: I want to add more embellishments to this. Probably will once I get caught up to the current stitch.



The last 9 months has been a blur.  My wrist had been hurting and was keeping me from doing the things I love. I finally went to see a specialist. Results were not great.  I have had three surgeries since March.  The last surgery involved having a bone graph. The bone graph takes a long time to heal. It has put a restriction on everything I enjoy doing for a long time . No sewing, no gardening, no picking up my grandbabies.  The wrist will never be perfect, but I will be able to use it (I HOPE) once the graph is healed.    I am starting to sew but have to be careful with the time spent sewing.

SO…. I have decided to join A Lovely Year Of Finishes 2015.  I enjoy structure. Goals really help me and I will set a goal keeping in mind the amount of time I am allowed to sew and still heal. This will also help me not sew too much at one time.

My goals will not be large. But once I achieve even a small goal, I will be happy.

the list

TO DO –   Sampler Green Mystery Quilt.

Choose and sew together pieces of material from my stach for backing.  Pin backing and top to be ready to quilt.        This is my choice for A Lovely Year of Finishes.      Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes.

end of month review  –


TO DO –         Comfort Quilt Machine Embroidery Square   –   one block


end of month review  –



Choosing Fabric

connecting to 30/30 challenge

March 2     I am choosing fabric and cutting the fabric for the Colorado Star block in the Quilt Block Sampler pattern by ‘From my heart to your hands’.   The finished block size is 7 1/2 square.    I really enjoyed doing this but it took more than 30 mins.

March 3     Colorado Star block sewn together


March 4   Fabric selection and cutting,  Grape Basket – Quilt Sampler


March 5      How many times should I rip and sew it. I can not believe it did it a couple of times.  Finally sewed it properly.  Enough sewing today before I sew more wrong.



March 6   Picking fabric for the next Dear Jane block.


March 7   Dear Jane – Uncle Homer


March 2014 to do list

The good in me smiles and enjoys my grandbabies.

MARCH 2014

the list

TO DO –   Machine Embroidered Pillow.   This is my choice to sew during the month of March for  A Lovely Year of Finishes.

This will be a pillow when finished.  I machine embroidered it years ago and then just left it.  Why, because I needed a pillow form.  I finally bought a pillow form yesterday. Now to finish it and put it on my couch.


TO DO –       Just Takes 2 – The Benjamin Biggs Quilt  –  block three

TO DO  –  Dear Jane  –  as many as I can sew and enjoy sewing

TO DO –         Comfort Quilt Machine Embroidery Square   –   one block


TO DO – Quilt Sampler – as many as i can sew and enjoy sewing


the good in me enjoys other peoples cooking.

my daughter has decided to go back to school for a while.  this is great.  she would like to get a better job.  i,m all for it.  i am taking care of her baby.  a one year old. 

it is a great way to spend my day. unfortunately it is also very trying.  my sewing has gone by the way side.

i just read about    berry barn designs 30/30 SEWING CHALLENGE.   i don’t know if i will be able to accomplish it with my current schedule, but i thought i would give it a try.

i need something to push me along.  wish me luck.

i,ve decided to sew dear jane and quilt block sampler. 

i,m going to lunch, when i get back i,ll grab the button and put it on the side.