Practice Buttonhole

Seam treatments are fun to sew in crazy quilting.  Coming up with new ideas for the seam treatments is always a challenge for me. Buttonhole stitch is what I decided to practice on today. Now I just need to turn the basic buttonhole stitch into something exciting.  Any ideas?

practice buttonhole Practice Buttonhole Stitch


2 thoughts on “Practice Buttonhole

  1. These are really beautiful! I particularly like the fineness of the thread. Is it silk?
    It makes me think that you could use doodles as embroidery motifs and use some of these stitches! Wouldn’t that be cool.

  2. Are you familiar with Sharon Boggen? A fellow countrywoman of yours, and a brilliant stitcher. Her blog is at . She has an extensive stitch library, with how-to’s, and has had a feature called “Take a Stitch Tuesday” which does just such experiments as you are doing with buttonhole. If you search Sharon’s archives, she featured buttonhole stitch early in the series. Another blog with innovative experimentation with “ordinary” stitches is If you already know these, please excuse my wasting your comments space. If not, enjoy!

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