Need More Time

My My, time, I need more of it. There is a TV ad in Australia right now that I can identify with. An auctioneer is auctioning off  6 minutes of time. Well I want that 6 minutes.  My darling husband is in the Royal Australia Air Force. A few weeks ago he was told we are being transferred. That was a big surprise. We thought we would never move again as we are close to the end of his career.  He has 33 years in the RAAF. We built a house and we were suppose to retire here. Never mind, this will be another great adventure in our lives. But getting back to time. I am now rushing around and putting the house on the market. That involves a lot more than just contacting a real estate agent.  It also means getting the house clean, inside and out, repairing all the little thing that we’ve never “got around to it”, and oh yes the out side of the house as well.  My garden is beautiful.  We must have over 1000 plants. It also requires my time, lots of it. That is ok because besides craft gardening really is my passion. One day i will put up more pictures of the garden. Here is a sample of the fernery….that means it has plants in it that need lots of shade including ferns.

fernery 2006

I just decided this is not a great picture, I must get out side once it is cleaned up and take some stunning pictures.

Happy Hugs,



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