Two Weeks Of House Cleaning

The past two weeks have been spent cleaning our house from top to bottom.  Just when you think it is clean, you look down and find something else that needs attention. This past weekend the house was open for inspection and I think it was perfect. Unfortunately it will be open for inspection again this weekend. Oh well, most of the hard work has been done and only a quick tidy up and wash with the mop and all should be ready for this weekend. That is easier said than done as I really am messy. Here is a picture of The Chair I normally sit in to sew. It will never look like this again so enjoy! (I actually miss the mess.)

The Chair              A Clean Chair

This is a picture of the room where the sewing on the machine happens. Again enjoy it as it will never look like this again.

Sewing Room       The Clean Sewing Room.

Now this is what you really came to look at. Currently I am in a group correspondence with the Embroiders Guild of America. The piece that is currently being sewn is “Fantasy Remembered”.  So far the pattern has been transferred, and has been placed in a frame. I have sewn a little of the stem and some on the top leaf.  The sewing so far has probably taken me 6 hours. Yes i am slow, but to my defence, it has many rows with a single strand of floss and it does look beautiful even if I have to say so myself.

fantasy remembered top leaf       Top leaf, right side, Fantasy Remembered

Happy Stitching Hugs,



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