Mill Hill–“Heirloom Harvest”

 I purchased a Mill Hill chart called “Heirloom Harvest”.heirloom harvest The pattern is basically all beads and little gems.lots of beads

My question is, how do I use a hoop when the pattern is all beads….HELP. 

It takes a 28 count, raw Cashel Linen and the finished size will be 8.71 x 15.78.
I bought a tan opalescence (TOP) and a darker brown opalescence (BOTTOM).
which one?

Don’t know if the beads will show up good on the darker material. What is your opinion?


Happy stitching Hugs,



4 thoughts on “Mill Hill–“Heirloom Harvest”

  1. I personally like the lighter fabric. I think it shows more contrast. I usually work in hand, especially if it is linen. But if you prefer a hoop, then I agree with the others either use stretcher bars or scroll bars.

  2. Kathy — I would use stretcher bars or try attaching the beads by stitching in hand instead of trying to use a hoop. It is pretty easy to keep an even tension when you are attaching beads so stitching in hand might be easier than you think.

  3. Kathy – I think you could use either fabric. The one does have more contrast, but it’s up to you as to what you want. As for how to stitch, stretcher bars are probably your best bet. I’ve also done heavily beaded items by doing the top in a hoop and then the bottom in a hoop (leaving the middle empty to have room for the hoop) then doing the center on stretcher bars or some sort of frame. I don’t know how much non-beaded stitching there is, but you can do all of that first and then add the beads and treasures as well.

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