Madeline’s Teeth

My beautiful daughter called me two weeks ago, saying there is no one to take care of me.  WHAT!!!!  MADELINE was going to have her wisdom teeth out the next day. I knew that for the last five weeks. Each time we talked I asked her if she wanted me to stay with her during the time she was having her wisdom teeth out and each time she replied NO her boy friend was there.  The day before the surgery she told me,  in her lovely way, she wanted me there. She was frightened and wanted me. What a pea brain I am. I should have just made a booking on the plane as soon as she told me about it.  Do I not know my daughter that well? I felt awful. I am her mother. I should have seem through her wanting me but not wanting to ask. Oh well, that will not happen again.  So I am forgiving myself and I am going to keep moving forward.  We had a wonderful time time together.  Happiness is wonderful and I really am grateful for the time we spent together.

Madeline currently is not interested in computers and therefore does not own one.  That’s Ok because it was very important that I spent time with God’s beautiful gift to me.  Next time I hope that I will be able to journal that I will be leaving for a while. I do have to say I missed journaling.


1.  Spending time with my beautiful daughter.

2.  Madeline is healing.

3.  Madeline is very happy with her job.

4.  Being needed again as a Mother.

Happy Stitching Hugs,



One thought on “Madeline’s Teeth

  1. I wondered where you went! I’m glad you weren’t sick, at least. Somehow we expect them to be all grown up and not need us, and what a surprise it is when they still do. Mine are 31 (today!) and 39, and I finally figured out they will *always* need me in bad times. I didn’t have that kind of relationship with my parents, so it was a surprise to me. =)

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