Life Without A Computer

Life is different without a computer. The last two weeks proved that to me. Rather than reading online, a book popped into my hands. Haven’t done that for a couple of months. It was decision time and this is what was decided. Limit the time spent reading on line to once in the morning and once in the evening. Now the decision needs to be made about how long to allow myself to be on line. Test myself and prove to myself that there is no addiction to this machine. So wish me luck. This goal is achievable. Maybe this way there will be more sewing and pictures to show. That will be great.

This is a picture of a cross stitch that was just started. It is suppose to be a Christmas pillow with the word Joy and a bobble.

copy of 101_3648

This is a picture of the same cross stitch later that day after it somehow found some water to play in.

later that day

Now if anyone knows how to set red and not make it run I would love to here from you. In the future I do not want anything I make be spoiled after all the work that goes into it. I thought DMC red was colorfast.


1.  Looking out the window and seeing a beautiful sunset.

2.  The noise my grown children make when we are together.

Happy Stitching Hugs,


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