Today will teach me to count the cross stitch fabric that my sewing will show up on. Recently a decision was made to organize my cross stitch fabric by count, and put the different counts in separate bags.  Today the pattern being sewn needed 32 count (it is for an exchange) and so thinking it would be easy, just get the right bag and pull out the color needed. Ok all organized, threads pulled, design in front of me, stitching started, working from the middle of the pattern down to the bottom, can not show what was stitched as it is to be a surprise. Putting the last row into the fabric, it seemed very close to the edge. So doing the right thing, the measuring tape came out and the threads were counts.  GRRRRR-the fabric was a 28 count not a 32 count. So here I sit writing into the blog instead of finishing up my exchange piece. At least I learned a lesson today and a day without learning something is a day waisted as I have been told. Lesson learned…Always count fabric threads before stitching.


1.  A computer with internet connection.

2.  Potted plants.

Happy Stitching Hugs,



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