Time Where is it?

start sandman


Trying to get ready to move house and sew does not mix with me.  Here is a picture of a start on a Sanman Design.  It isn’t much but at least I sat down today to spend some time to sew.  Don’t know when there will be time to sew again, but in my heart there is a feeling that tells me it might be tomorrow evening.  Missing sewing is starting to show in my attitude. If sewing will fix my attitude, then my hands had better get going.


1.  Having the ability to stitch

2.  Enjoying stitching

Happy Stitching Hugs, Kathy


4 thoughts on “Time Where is it?

  1. Good luck with the move! I don’t envy you one teensy tiny little bit!! 😉 I do know what you mean about stitching, though – I’ve been going days without touching a needle then I go all out and overdose myself to fix the craving 😉

  2. I know what you mean. I do the same with stitching, and with reading. I get downright cranky when there’s no time for either one! I have no clue what that’s going to be, but I like the colors!

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