Almost Finished

YES, YES…The house is almost they way that it needs to be.  There are few items that need to find a home and then I am done. 

It has taken way too long to finish the house. When we moved in the house it was not  ready from the owners side, but we needed a place to live and decided to move into the house even though it still needed work.  So between the workmen and the unpacking it has taken longer than expected.  

Finally found the rechargeable battery thing and have the batteries charging up and now it is only a matter of a few hours before pictures will be taken of the new items on the sewing list. 

Thursday a bus has been hired to take ladies from The Nelson Bay area to the craft and quilt show in Sydney.  Of course my body will be on it.  This is a great way to travel without driving and also a good way to meet ladies with the same interests.

Hope today is a wonderful day for everyone reading.


1.  Madeline starts her job tomorrow.

2.  The clean smell after a beautiful rain.

Happy Stitching Hugs,  Kathy


2 thoughts on “Almost Finished

  1. Hope you had fun at the quilt/craft show – I didn’t make it this year, but hope to go to the next one. Glad the house is coming together as well … as long as you have your stitching unpacked everything else can wait LOL (says she who still has unpacked boxes cluttering up the bedroom!).

  2. I am glad to hear that your house is almost in order. I know how hard it is to feel comfortable until everything is just the way you want it and all the boxes are unpacked.

    I hope you have fun at the craft show, I am not going to have a chance to visit this year, so I hope you include lots of picture on your blog.

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