Where did it go?

Last week, in this journal, words were put down on paper to tell all about the fusion fibre art group that I joined. Where did it go? Maybe I was dreaming! LOL.. That is always a possibility. I stumbled into a fibre arts group by accident. Being bored one afternoon found me driving to the local Arts and Crafts gallery and in the back room was a group of ladies sewing. They were making purses using a crazy patch technique. It was wonderful. I crazy patch but they way they were doing it was new to me. I am so careful with my sewing and they were saying, no, no don’t waste so much time. just sew it and if you don’t like it just put something over it and keep going. Sounded wonderful. Here is my first attempt to sew with them.

first purse made

The handle was attached through a washer that was covered in yarn.

attaching the handle

It was alot of fun to make this.

Next time we will be making another purse using another technique.

They are having an exhibition from July 17 at the Port Stephens Art and Craft Gallery. It would be wonderful if you stopped by to see all wonderful things these creative people have made.


1. Enough time to sleep when a cough turns to a cold.

2. A wonderful husband that brings me hot drinks and tissues when a I have a cold.

Happy Stitching Hugs,


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