Energy–What’s that?

Rest, please someone, find some for me. The past few months have been wonderful but what is needed is a big rest.  Never in my biggest thoughts did it ever occur to me that when we moved to this wonderful area, everyone else would want to come an visit within the first six months of our moving here. My body wants to curl up in bed and stay there for the next week. 

It has been a lot of fun to visit and show off the beautiful place we live.  It has also slowed down my sewing.  Never mind Plans are on the drawing board to sew and sew.  Only problem is, where to start?  Think I  will cut out a couple of coasters and what I call a patchwork doily now.

Copy of 100_3955

I like these colors together, so these are what i will use.


1. A ride in the car with my wonderful husband.

2. Jaffas (an Australian candy)

Happy Stitching Hugs,



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