Full Day

A lovely day. Meeting up with wonderful friend of mine made the day very special.  Julie took me to Spotlight. We had the best time looking around.  It was great to browse and browse with a dear friend.  Spending time with Julie today has made me think about what I am missing by not living in Adelaide. 

Yesterday while at the newsagent,  the Patchwork and Stitching magazine was calling to me. It also came with the other two magazines.  I really wanted the Handmade. They are currently my favorite magazine to read.



This is one of the things that will be making its way under the sewing machine. I am very intrigued with the quilted bookmark.


1.  My husband’s smile.

2.   Good Friends.

Happy Stitching Hugs,



3 thoughts on “Full Day

  1. Sounds like you had a great day catching up with your friend. I always love a visit to Spotlight, especially now that we have a superstore nearby.

    I have a few old copies of Patchwork and Stitching, Country Thread and Handmade that I no longer use. If you would like some of them, I am more than happy to pass them on to you. They are in pretty good condition with all the attachments still in the magazine.

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