The Herringbone Stitch,  I learned much while practicing this stitch. 

I am going to practice on this because I really don’t like the outcome. 

Analyzing the  piece sewn on, this is what was discovered.

Sewing 2 Herringbone Stitch patterns, one next to the other  ( or also can be said, One on top of the other) The stitch length and height needs to be taken into consideration.  In the above picture there is not enough room to use the circle or middle of the pattern.

The X’s at the top and bottom of the stitch can be used to your advantage if you make them big enough.

Fabric, when being decorated, needs to be plain or the embroidery stitches don’t show up well.  Unless you can use the fabric and  stitch to accent the pattern as below.

So back to the drawing board.


1. Quiet

2. A Breeze

Happy Stitching Hugs,  Kathy



  1. I do like that second one a lot! The first one seemed to disappear into the background, didn’t it? Maybe just the picture or my monitor though… But the second one – I love! The next week is up now…

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