Skye’s Sumptuous Block

Currently on the CQI novice group,

I am participating in a Sumptuous Round Robin Block.

This rr is for people who have never participated in a RR in this group.






My question is two fold.

First, do I need to sew more on the block?  Second, do I need to add more to each individual seam?  Comments will be helpful.

Happy Stitching Hugs,



1.  Throwing the ball for the puppy.

2.  Sewing.

3.  Warm weather


4 thoughts on “Skye’s Sumptuous Block

  1. First, I love the block. If you decide to leave it as is, it will be it is beautiful.

    I’m of the school of thought that more is always better…when you think you have done enough…add 3 more things! So, here are some ideas for you to consider:

    Blue/yellow seam…add SRE roses under the Archs..maybe spiderweb type with lazy daisy leaves…or buds would be pretty too.

    Beaded flowers…these remind me of wild flowes…perhaps some little tiny daisy stitch leaves at the side of several of the flower beads…not all of them just every 3-4.

    Herringbone stitch…Love these little buds!!..maybe add some seed beads…3 in a triangle shape…inside the seam points…below the buds…to fill in some of the space.

    Super effort! Very balanced.

    Have you thought about adding motifs?…stitching a little tree is my favorite…it’s on my website…in the older posts, so check it out…and I hope my ideas help.

    Hugs, Kathy from another Kathy

  2. Dear Kathy,
    Greetings from UK!!
    I am in CQI too both groups and have just completed christmas time a RR now on RR 2…I am no expert lol at all……But I would say to you ”follow your instincts”….if you feel it needs more…DO MORE.
    Its lovely embroidery you have done. If it were mine…I would add a few more stitches to the seams ( something simple like French knots even on the end of stitches looks wonderful…or beads can be easy to add but just add that extra maybe you are looking for?
    Whatever you decide it will be stunning.
    Hugs from Pam

  3. I think adding more to the block is very much dependent on what Skye wanted for her block, and what the ‘brief’ for the RR is. I think you have done lovely work so far.
    You could consider adding another of your sequin flower motifs on the blue patch (they are quite stunning against the blue), to fill that patch, and a couple more of the stitched butterflies around it. The rest is personal preference really as to whether to add more to your seams, but you have done what I would consider ‘layered’ seam treatments, and if you are happy, then the recipient should be.

    Looking at the block again, you could also add a ‘posy’ or small motif of the same sequins in the top left blue patch, above your seam. It would help with carry similar elements around the block, give a look of continuity . Just 3 or so sequins and some greenery.

    only suggestions….

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