Pat Sloan’s OP Challenge

Surfing today has lead me to Pat Sloan’s OPChallenge. You can read about it at:       see date  Feb 20, 2009.

In my stach there should be two pieces of orange, but this is all I could find.


Visiting some of the blogs that are taking part in this challenge, I can upon  see date  Feb 20, 2009.

Carrie has made a wonderful small quilt and I love it. I asked her if I could copy it and Carrie said YES..YAHOOOOO…

Carrie has also given directions for her small quilt that ends up 17 inch square.

Thanks Carrie, I am off sewing.

Happy Sewing Stitches



2 thoughts on “Pat Sloan’s OP Challenge

  1. Hi Kathy, looks like some great challenges, all such beautiful quilts. If you ever make your way down our way, there is an excellent patchwork store with such an enourmous array of fabrics.

    Please visit my blog, I have given you an award.

  2. Ha, I found those today, too, on several blogs. I liked the pattern people were using, but I don’t have any orange unless it’s a batik which came in scrap bags that arrived last week. I’m just not an orange person. However, I could easily do the blocks with red, blue, purple or green!

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