I don’t know about TV coverage in the states but the TV coverage of the the President of the US choosing a dog is receiving alot of air time in Australia.  It is not a difficult process to choose a puppy/dog.

As a child we always had dogs. In my adult life I still have dogs. Can not imagine my life without our loved pets.

This is the way we choose a puppy/dog.

1.  Go by the dog pound. Walk around, look at all the dogs.  You just might fall in love with a dog immediately.  Somehow you will know if the dog belongs in your family.  If you don’t bond with a dog at the dog pound, you then go to the next step.

2.  Walk around the malls,  dog stores,  friends homes who have puppies.  One of the puppies, will melt your heart.  That is the puppy you take home with you.

There is no great big decision.  It just happens.  When you see the right puppy, you will know.

That is what we do in this family and we will stick to it.

Happy Stitching Hugs,



1.   Our dog, Muffin

2.   Our dog, Cupcake


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