1. Finish the OP challenge, make it into a table runner ( from Pat Slones site).  RESULT – Well, I stitched all the blocks and figured out the lay out of the table runner.

2. Make five sets of coasters for the Embroidery sale room. RESULT – Sewed 10.

3. Finish the Addy Quilt.  RESULT –  Finished the top.

4. Organize (more like find) items that need to be finished. Think I have around 27 UFO quits. But where are they?   RESULTS – Found some of them. Still looking for the rest of them.

5. Complete CQ RR. RESULT – Completed and sent.  YEA!

At Least I completed TWO of my goals.


1. Sew the blocks of the OP challenge together.  Decide on backing.

2. Buy 5 baby T-shirts.  Stitch a design on the T-shirts. ( This will be for Embroidery Sales Room.)

3. Find backing and buy batting for Addy’s quilt.  Pin together.

4. Complete CQ RR for the month.

5. Stitch on “Angel of the Sea”,  post picture on Tuesday of the weeks stitching.

Stitching for the past couple of days on “Angel of the Sea”.

Stitching Mar ANGEL OF THE SEA

Happy Stitching Hugs, Kathy


1.   Coffee

2.   Food


2 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED?

  1. Looks like you did get things accomplished.
    I did get the Churn and Dash center done tonight after I got back from the church. Ready to put on the borders tomorrow night.
    Love, Joleen

  2. I think you did pretty well with your goals. I will be setting goals next month. Let’s see how successful I really am! I haven’t been too successful in the past, oh well, new year, new leaf.

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