8 Oct 2011

Please feed me.

The reindeer wants FOOD.  So my stitching fingers gave him food.

Between stitching the reindeer picture and looking for unfinished projects, my time has been full the last few days.

lots of erasing first

I am not a very organized person. Sometimes when a new project is started, I kind of have in my mind what needs to be done and I just go for it and sew. Other times I might get the urge to draw first. If drawing is involved there is also a lot of erasing involved.  Today was a day to sketch. Above is one of the sketches that came out of my mind. The other sheet of paper drawn on today has holes from where I erased so much.  I am satisfied with end result .  Tonight my GOAL is to embroider the design.  Crossing my fingers that all that erasing has not cramped me up too much so I can stitch.


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