Sunday Oct 9 GOALS

the mess

The sewing room has gotten out of control. Today is the day to tidy.  Once things look a bit better, the next goal is to finish the bag sitting on top of the sewing machine.

bag on top of sewing machine

3 thoughts on “Sunday Oct 9 GOALS

  1. I so envy you having a separate sewing room! I can only dream of that. In the UK space is at such a premium that I am already very lucky to be able to set up a separate crafts table in a corner, a dark corner at that.
    Tidying up and progress: how about both at once? Do a bit of tidying up, set up the sewing machine, tidy up a bit more, put all the other materials to hand, tidy, sew a bit, tidy… That way you get a reward for every little bit of hard work you have to do! And you make progress on the sewing front…
    I just started a bit of sewing myself, I’m very happy about that!

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