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I was in Adelaide for the past 5 weeks. Our daughter had to see an eye specialist.  Elaine had bumps on the inner eye lid and the bumps were scratching her cornea. The doctor  gave her drops to shrink the bumps which it did, but now the questions is “What caused the bumps?”  Will do some investigating and hopefully it won’t happen again.

Reading Sharon B’s blog at  (Nov 11.2011), and found that Sharon is running a challenge to help develop your hand embroidery skills.  So after some deep thinking, I’ve decided to try this challenge.  So my new goal is to keep up with the challenge.  There are no hard and fast rules that you must but I am going to try. I love crazy quilting-stitching and am hoping to stretch my skills.  Maybe you can join in.  It will be lots of fun. 

Happy Stitching Hugs  Kathy



Married to Peter. A wonderful marriage blessed by God. Three lovely children. Five incredible grandchildren.

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