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TAST 2012 Week 1 Fly Stitch

The fly stitch is the stitch for TAST week 1 .  Here is my first attempt at this stitch.  Hopefully, I will be adding more fly stitches to this sampler soon.  If you would like to stitch along or view others who have sewn the fly stitch, the link  see Jan 3, 2012 and click on the comments.  You will be able to find some very creative ideas to use the fly stitch.



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15 thoughts on “TAST 2012 Week 1 Fly Stitch

  1. Your fly stitch work is great! I didn’t get started this week due to being out of town for the holidays and cannot wait to get home and start!

    I also want to take a moment to invite you over to my blog to read about a quilt show I am hosting live on my blog beginning Feb 1. The show is called Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too. The show is designed to bring awareness to all of us crazy quilters and the work we do! There are a host of fantastic prizes to be won! Hope you will come check out the information and hopefully participate!

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