TAST 2012 Week 3 Feather Stitch

I have not enjoyed just stitching the stitch. It took me all week to stitch this:



When I stitched on a block and embellished the stitch, it only took me two hours.

Think I had better sew a couple of blocks to practice on. It  gives me great pleasure to sew on a block and embellishing the stitch.

Now if I could only figure out how to take a great picture, I’ll be on top of the world.


6 thoughts on “TAST 2012 Week 3 Feather Stitch

  1. I think elegant is a good description of your work. I agree about embellishing the feather stitch. But there are so many ways one can embellish, I’ll bet you’ll find you go back to it again and again.

    I’m gathering up all my articles on photographing and putting it into my resource section on my blogs. I’ll drop you a note when I finish that. I’ve found them to be very useful!

    Keep up the good work and effort.

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