TAST 2012 Week 4 Cretan Stitch

My sewing for the week.


I enjoyed this stitch. A    couple of years ago I       made this sampler.

I am still trying to figure our my camera. It’s just a little digital.

Any Tips?

11 thoughts on “TAST 2012 Week 4 Cretan Stitch

  1. All interesting variations. It’s nice to come back and try something different with a stitch we know. As far as camera tips? I used to have a little one, and I found it often took pictures I couldn’t get with my husband’s fancy picky one – which is now the only one I have. =P Trial and error is the only way I know to figure out one. Use a notebook to write down what you did. Take a picture of the same thing from closer and farther away, to find the best distance it likes. Use different settings, if it has any. Just make notes and then when you look at the pictures you can see what works best.

    • Oh, my stitching is on cq4fun.livejournal.com, not on desertskyquilts. I knew I already commented on your block, but I had missed the camera question.

  2. Your cretan stitches look great. I was just looking at my next block tonight and thinking about what to do over the rick rack piece on one fabric. Since this is my least favorite stitch, that might be where it shows up in block number two, the way you did it. Thanks!

  3. Thank you cathy for your kind comment on my blog …Cretan stitch is very creative …Try like my friend embroiderer Penny Cornell ,an artist ,learn to me with many variety of threads ….I add your blog in my links …I can see quickly your beautiful works …see you soon …Marie-claude in france

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