CQ Color and Composition 1, TAST RE-RUN

This is my finished project of my first lesson with Pam. (Link on sidebar under blogroll. CQ Color and Comp Class.)

This is what I did for lesson one.

Sewed together the pink block.

Cross stitch the required cross stitch.  (Had a bad day that day with my eyes, but I got it finished. YEA)

Sewed the cross stitch to the block with embroidery thread.

Sewed seam treatments with blue and green. (Even used sequence.)

Add cranberry color.

Added blue flowers.

Looked at the block decided it needed more cranberry.  Added more cranberry.

Is it enough?  I’m still debating. Might add more cranberry stars and more sequence flowers.

It is wonderful to learn new ways of doing things.

I am so glad I am taking this class as I have already learned from Pam.  

I cannot wait for her to critique my block so I can learn more.


The fly stitch is the first stitch on the TAST 2012 RE-RUN (link on the sidebar under blog roll).

I used the fly stitch for leaves around the blue flowers, in the cranberry star, and in the sequence flowers at the top of the block. This was a fun block to make.

Happy Sewing Hugs, Kathleen


6 thoughts on “CQ Color and Composition 1, TAST RE-RUN

  1. I would call that sequin success — love the little flowers! I also like the herringbone around the cross stitch. It relates to the cross stitches themselves, but the larger scale makes for a nice frame.

  2. Kathleen, I left a critique for you over at Flickr. Your block is lovely and I love how you used the herringbone on the edges of your stitched piece.

    You mentioned something about adding more cranberry to your block. I’m one to pile on the stitching and embellishments so I say, the more the better! Yes, more cranberry would look nice.


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