BOMs AWAY week 1

Lyn CC at What a Hoot is hosting a Linky Party ever Monday. Once I read the part of her post that stated if she worked on a project much longer she was going to vomit, I knew that I had to sign up for this party.  I understand how Lyn feels. I need more structure on my unfinished projects. If Lyn can do it, so can .  I don’t have as many as she does but mine are old. I have a one quilt I started when my son was 18months. He is now 27.  Maybe I should get a prize for having a project for a long long time. I do have a list but need to break the list down to monthly goals then to weekly goals.   Here it goes.

Monday –  My sewing room needs to be cleaned up. I have piles.



Tuesday –  Put away all the excess that has spilled over into the spare bedroom



More piles.


 Wednesday – make one block for

 Comfort Quilts Against Cancer
  Thursday – make one row on scrappy quilt

Friday – gather material for crazy quilting eye glass case.My current idea is to make it in shades of blue.


5 thoughts on “BOMs AWAY week 1

  1. HeeHee…Join the crowd…I started cleaning my craft room…I found stuff I did not know I had !!!…It is like a treasure hunt…Of course very little cleaning got done because I had to look at everything…I keep checking upstairs because that is my original craft room which is full too…I am addicted….But there are worse things to be addicted too…Right???

  2. Oh, Kathy, you made me laugh. 🙂 Telling everybody my vomit moment. lol!! I’m glad somebody else can relate. I think it’s awesome you still have a project that old and I hope you chink away at and get a finish there. 😀 My sewing stash looks like your room right now. I really need to get that under control!

  3. I’m still a new quilter but I still have a pair of socks on needles that I started knitting in the mid-seventies! Now that’s old!

    Good luck with sorting it all out and getting it finished!

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