Monday Review Jan 28 2013

I attended a class last week on beading a cabochon.  My thought is to start using them in my Crazy Quilting.  I love the effect. Not totally finished with this yet. Enjoyed it alot but it does take a long time.  Maybe as I get better at it, it won’t take as long.

DSCN0191Lesson two from Pam Kellogg. I am to use green material for the block and blue, purple and cream for the embellishment.  Here is my start.


It is bucketing down rain today. There is a cyclone along the Australian east coast. We will be getting the end of it today and tomorrow. It has been down graded to a tropical storm and the winds have been down grades to 40 miles an hour. Thank goodness. I am still going to go outside and move the outdoor furniture closer to the house.

Happy Sewing Hugs  XX Kathleen


3 thoughts on “Monday Review Jan 28 2013

  1. I love the greens in your crazy quilt block, you are getting me motivated to finish up my first sample crazy quilt block sample-I am turning it into a pillow.
    stay safe in that storm hugs Kathy

  2. Hi, Kathleen! Thanks for linking up. I hadn’t heard the term “cabochon” before. This is really cool. Very unique and I can see why you’d want to incorporate the idea in a crazy quilt.

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