BOMs AWAY Monday Feb 4

There was stitching in my home this week. But at the moment I am a little ragged on the fringes. My machine has been giving me fits. So I have taken it to be fixed again.  Did this in December as well.  So all I am showing in my present state is my machine before I turned it off to take it to the machine mechanic.

for sally


5 thoughts on “BOMs AWAY Monday Feb 4

  1. Hopefully your machine makes a full recovery! Just responding to your question about the newspaper print fabric I had used… well, I’m from NZ and we have a shop called Spotlight which I believe is sorta like a country cousin of Joanns. From what I’ve read, they do seem to have similar lines in fabric… so maybe worth having a look at?

  2. What a mess! not having a machine. Mine aren’t expensive so I just bang on it till it works again…..giggle….just kiddin’. I do have a backup as well that I won.

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