2013 Finished Projects Feb 7, 2013

Never Too Hot to Stitch!


Will Finish:  Very small thread catcher to match 18 sided pin cushion (Pink) 

Result: FinishedDSC_0006-001



Will work very diligently to finish:  Addy’s quilt,  this will hopefully be finished in February 

Result:  Can not find it.  Where is it?  I searched the house .  Very sad.. Addy will still have to wait.

Also FINISHED:  I know it is not put together, but for me it is a finish.  

I have an embroider machine and make blocks for    


They are sent to someone else who puts them together.  So for me it is a finish.



FEBRUARY FOCUS (I borrowed this term from Lynne)

1. Harvest Angel   It is sad I have not finished this autumn wall hanging. WHY? All i have to do is back it and bind it.


2.   Will work very diligently on the Heritage quilt that I started in the Pfaff store around 1992.  I think I just got bored with this quilt.  I love color and there is not alot of it in this quilt.

3.   Scrap quilt. I choose two blocks, put them together, liked the look and kept going.DSCN0207

I found that one small block was added to the top left side. Then I found three half blocks pinned together. I must have wanted to make it a little bit bigger. Why did I stop making this quilt?  ???? Don’t know something must have come up that I wanted to make more than finishing this quilt. ??????????



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