BOM’s AWAY Feb 11

Hello , MY SUCCESS was that I did sew 90 minutes, sometimes more, on five days this week. Yes I did take a couple of days off but when I did sew, I loved every minute.

It has been a great week and great weekend. Weeks like this take a lot of energy.  We have company from Norway. My son took our company to Sydney for the weekend.  No rest for the wicked.  We decided to have some wonderful friends on Saturday for a pork roast and cards.  It was so much fun. We believe that you should not drink and drive so they spent the night. Once you are retired what else do you do but spend time with friends. It was lovely to get up in the morning to nice shining faces.

DSC_0003I embroider a J for Jan. My husband said it does not look like a J.
 What does he know.

Friday my sewing/embroidery machine finally came home from the doctors. Sunday I sewed and sewed . My beautiful friend Jan visited on Sunday. I am making her a  bag. Her mission was to start sewing the bag together while I set the embroidery machine up. What a fiasco.  Jan is not a machine sewer (Jan does enjoy hand sewing). So it was better to put her in charge of the embroidery machine while I sewed her bag.  My goodness, the  embroidery machine started to play up.  I was running to that machine it fix it’s problem, running to the other machine to sew a seam on Jan’s bag, etc. Going back in forth between both machines gave me lots of exercise. In the end I sewed one block on the embroidery machine for the Comfort Quilt group and half of Jan’s bag.  It was an interesting afternoon but I enjoyed every moment.


This week I also put together a base for an eye glass case. I had a terrible time piecing it. Think that day I was not feeling good and it took me hours to sew what normally would have taken me 15 mins.  I just could not decide how I wanted to piece the material. But it was done by the end of the day.


Now I am ready for a rest.



7 thoughts on “BOM’s AWAY Feb 11

  1. Hello you left a comment on my blog about the heart in our label. We bought a new brother embroidery machine and it was loaded on it. So we do not have a copy of the heart other then the built in one on the machine I would just search for free hearts to find one I have seen many different ones similar.

  2. Wow! I could just picture that crazy afternoon of sewing. Hope your machine is happy again now! ;D The J and the Comfort Quilt block are both so pretty. And yeah – men have a hard time seeing things sometimes. ;D
    Oh!! Thank you for keeping drinkers from driving.

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