BOM’s AWAY Feb 18

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Where did this week go?  It seems I was just writing this post.   I did have a great week of sewing and socializing.

  ??????????A wonderful friend came over to help me sew twice this week. One day my daughter who is 38 weeks pregnant was visiting as well and we chatted and chatted. No sewing but we had a great time chatting.

??????????The pocket I made for Jan’s bag, is going to be taken  off and sewed again. Jan ( who also visited twice this week, I am blessed with good friends) said she could not see anything wrong with it, but I know I sew better and I am unhappy with it.


  Also made a trip to the shop for material for the lining. The original lining material just did not do the bag justice.


I make samples for a quilt shop. Here is the start of  the latest quilt for the shop.I attempted to make it exactly as the directions told me. Oh dear what a disaster.


I made it again my way and I am pleased with the results.


4 thoughts on “BOM’s AWAY Feb 18

  1. That’s funny – sometimes instructions confuse me more than if I just figured it out myself. Of course, I can also make a mess of things by not reading the instructions, so I guess it works both ways.

  2. You have been busy! I have problems with directions myself, but no fault to the pattern. I have a habit of reading things backwards or just plain skipping over a step……grin. Your purple fabric is gorgeous.

  3. Wow – what a difference between the blocks! Makes me very curious what the different ways of sewing it together were. And that’s going to be a pretty bag. 🙂

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