Out of Action

                    There has not been much in the way of sewing for me since May. My right wrist was hurting for months, and sewing almost became nil.

                     After extended tests and nothing was found, the surgeon decided to operate to see what was wrong. He found a muscle that did not belong in the wrist and removed it.  4 weeks later, I was back in the operating room. There was more that needed to be corrected.  Now I go to physical therapy once a week and have a lot of exercises to do at home.  My wrist is very stiff. But I know that with persistence my wrist will work again.  It has to, I miss sewing too much.                                         100_5135 I pulled the material for this quilt. It is in the washing machine. 

Wish me luck with the sewing.      

Wishing You Happy Sewing Hugs.




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