Pinning the pattern pieces

The last few days I have spent preparing the pattern pieces. This quilt is not a rotary cut quilt.  The quilt needs to be prepared like I used to prepare patterns when I sewed clothes. I copied all the pieces onto thin paper. Next comes the pinning to the fabric.  It is like a puzzle  as to where to place the pattern pieces. it is a slower process but I am enjoying it.  I am looking forward to relaxing with this quilt. 20131215_105422

I am linking up to Slow Stitching Sunday.


5 thoughts on “Pinning the pattern pieces

  1. Wow, that is interesting. And with your repaired wrist. Don’t you wonder how you went so many years without knowing there was an extra muscle? And so puzzling that it would cause so much trouble! I guess more is not always better! Good luck with the stitching. I’m thinking this wouldn’t be a fast project for anyone!

    • I live in a small community and travel over an hour to go to physical therapy on my wrist once a week. I am not currently driving, so I sew. My wrist was sore for years but about a year ago it got so bad that I could not sew, cook or do anything with my right hand.

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