Appliques bom starting Jan 1

I get bored in the car.  My solution is to sew.  Finding a new bom on the sentimental stitches blog, I became excited. It is called the Benjamin Biggs quilt made originally in 1848.  A new block will be posted once a month starting Jan 1, 2014.  I am really looking forward to joining with others to reproduce this quilt.

Read about this bom at  



10 thoughts on “Appliques bom starting Jan 1

  1. Oh, my goodness…this is such an undertaking. What a gorgeous quilt you are going to have in the end. This is my first time to the meme, so I am trying to say HI to all of you participants. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas a few days early. genie

  2. I want to do that one too, but too many current projects. I will probably download the pattern for future use. It is a large quilt and I am still trying to finish Baltimore Garden. I wish I had started quilting earlier in my life! I will be looking forward to your future posts on this quilt.

  3. I think that I saw another quilter or site mention this not too long ago. It is extraordinary. I don’t know if I am good enough for something like this yet ( well I seriously doubt it! 🙂 I am going to follow your link and bookmark it though…it will be fun to watch others do it and perhaps I can try a block or two at the least! 🙂

  4. I saw the same BOM earlier this year. Looks like a fun project for the new year. I’m all about finishing up this year and will enjoy seeing other peoples Blocks of the Month. Are you doing needle turn, back basting or another method?

  5. I’ll read down through your blog to see if I can figure out why you have so much stitching time in the car. Before my husband died, I did a lot of stitching in the front seat of our truck as we pulled our 5th wheel from place to place. I don’t get nearly as much done now!

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