What a Mess

20131226_140145Some days I have difficulty settling on what I want to do.

Does not help when I start with a mess. When there is a too much of a mess around me, I can not decide where to start.

Today my decision finally is to tidy up.  Then my mind will also be tidy. From there I will be able to sew.

 You can see my husbands toes. He is watching cricket. This is the only room that gets the channel with the cricket.

                                                                                                                                                                       HAPPY SEWING HUGS,       KATHLEEN


The good in me enjoys having my husband in the same room as I am in.


4 thoughts on “What a Mess

  1. So true about having a tidy place makes a tidy mind. My next project is to straighten and organize my sewing studio. I went from one project to the next for my Christmas sewing without cleaning up between projects. My DH says my room is never straight, it’s just a lesser degree of messiness!

  2. It isn’t the biggest mess I’ve seen – that’s probably my room. LOL It’s overflowing into two other rooms, three if you count the hand stitching on the sofa next to me right this minute. I, too, need to get things more organized – but first I have to get 4 projects off the floors! =) Good luck to you – seems kind of nice to have your DH watching cricket while you are sewing away.

    • Would love to see a picture of your sewing areas. To me there is something comforting with things everywhere. my husband really like things tidy. If it was not for him, things would be different.

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