Blue Fabric

The blue fabric is Solids by Polly Minick and Lauri Simpson for Moda.

It is a blue but not really totally solid. it is a little motley.


I will decide what to do with this material next month. I just liked it in the shop. Bought 1 1/2 meters.

                                                                                                                             Happy Sewing Hugs,  Kathleen


The good in me appreciates summer.


3 thoughts on “Blue Fabric

  1. Hi Kathleen – I left a comment on my blog about my 2014 QAL but you are a no-reply blogger so I couldn’t answer your questions. I did answer them on my blog!

    I hate it when fabric runs (especially if it is already in a quilt). Did you try any products such as Synthrapol to set the dye? I believe there are household items you can use. Salt might be one of them. I love mottled fabrics – they look so velvety so I hope that you finally have all the extra dye out of the fabric!

  2. Well, that’s not cheap fabric, for sure, so I don’t know why it ran so badly. Do you ever use … what is that stuff called? Synthropol? I think that’s it, that dyers use to get excess dye out.

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