Excitment, Excitment


              The good in me enjoys sewing.

I am so excited about the Benjamin Biggs quilt.

My plan is to use many different reds and greens in the quilt.  I am going to try to use all the lovely red and green material from my stash.

The background material will be lots of different creams.  It is going to be so pretty.


Block one material.


Bin for the Benjamin Biggs quilt.

I was so excited I finished the block in a couple of days. This is good for me. My sewing is not great with my wrist still sore. I was not real happy with my sewing around the red so I added a tripple stitch around the red to cover my hand stitching.  The rest is hand stitched.



20140113_095959Linking up to Slow Stitching Sunday.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Happy Sewing Hugs,  Kathleen



3 thoughts on “Excitment, Excitment

  1. Where does the Benjamin Biggs quilt come from? BOM? Freebie. I am trying to make one Christmas block a month for bout 10 months. Will have time to finish it up before Christmas. Good luck with keeping up with BB.

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