troubles dear jane block a-1

the good in me enjoys watching my grandchildren play.

i am having  troubles sewing using the paper piecing method.
i paper pieced the first three rows  in the following picture and i think they look terrible.

the fourth row i copied the block on my copy machine.    cut up the block to make paper templates.      next came gluing the template to the back of the material.
then drew 1/4 inch seam allowance,  cut it out and sewed the fourth row together.

i like the look of this row. i might resew the rest of the block. especially since i sewed row 4  to the wrong side and i will be doing the rippit stitch again.


i am linking up to freshly pieced modern quilts


4 thoughts on “troubles dear jane block a-1

  1. Stick with it! I paper piece all the time and I still have issues getting my blocks right sometimes. It takes a lot of practice. I bet there are rotary cutting instructions somewhere for that block, maybe that would make it a little easier.

  2. Can eliminate one step by printing on freezer paper. Cut two pieces of freezer paper and press lightly so they stick together. Print pattern on not-sticky side, cut out and iron on fabric. =) Or just trace on one piece of freezer paper. However, once you sew that on the other side of the block and trim the block square, it may be just fine. I don’t like to paper piece. I rotary cut just about everything!

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