The last 9 months has been a blur.  My wrist had been hurting and was keeping me from doing the things I love. I finally went to see a specialist. Results were not great.  I have had three surgeries since March.  The last surgery involved having a bone graph. The bone graph takes a long time to heal. It has put a restriction on everything I enjoy doing for a long time . No sewing, no gardening, no picking up my grandbabies.  The wrist will never be perfect, but I will be able to use it (I HOPE) once the graph is healed.    I am starting to sew but have to be careful with the time spent sewing.

SO…. I have decided to join A Lovely Year Of Finishes 2015.  I enjoy structure. Goals really help me and I will set a goal keeping in mind the amount of time I am allowed to sew and still heal. This will also help me not sew too much at one time.

My goals will not be large. But once I achieve even a small goal, I will be happy.

the list

TO DO –   Sampler Green Mystery Quilt.

Choose and sew together pieces of material from my stach for backing.  Pin backing and top to be ready to quilt.        This is my choice for A Lovely Year of Finishes.      Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes.

end of month review  –


TO DO –         Comfort Quilt Machine Embroidery Square   –   one block


end of month review  –




3 thoughts on “WOW: IT HAS BEEN A WHILE

  1. I’m so glad to have the update on your wrist! I’ve wondered about that, but hoped that it was merely that the wrist kept you from the keyboard! I know those grafts take a long time to heal – even a bone bruise takes a long time, so I can only imagine how you have been frustrated over the last year. I’m so happy to see you sewing! That’s a great goal for the first month back and for ALYOF. Best of luck with meeting your goal!

    • It has been a long time and I am happy to finally be able to be in the sewing room. Talk with you on your blog soon.

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