No new UFO’s

This is my year to finish projects.  No new UFO’s for me. I should not surf the web.  That is dangerous for me.  I found a facebook crazy quilt challenge.  The FB page is called Joyful Embellishments.  I was not to start new projects but the lady running the fb page is telling you which stitch to stitch and how to embellishment it. I am hoping this will help me with my cq creativity.  I am a few days behind but I hope that on the weekends I will be able to catch up.  Stitch 1, Feather stitch and lazy daisy.??????????  My problem that I have now is: I want to add more embellishments to this. Probably will once I get caught up to the current stitch.


4 thoughts on “No new UFO’s

  1. I love your seam. It looks so neat and tidy and if you want to embellish it more, I think you should. It’s fine as it is, but some people do go for more encrusted pieces.

  2. Oh, boy! I shouldn’t have read this because now I have to go look up the FB challenge. I do finish my projects, but I have more than a few I’m working on at the same time.

  3. A few years back I counted my UFO’s all 22 of them and determined to take care of them in the next year, also made a pact to keep myself creatively sane, I could begin one new project only AFTER I had finished two UFO’s. It worked well for the OCD side of my personality and all 22 were off my conscience within the year.
    Good luck with yours.

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