Trying to Sew Fast

My beautiful daughter Madeline had a baby nine days ago.


Tiffany Ann is being welcomed by her sister Katie Marie.  Madeline’s wonderful husband is going back to work on Monday.  That will be my time to help with the baby and 2 year old.  I can not wait, I love helping and playing with the grandbabies.

Saying this, now is the time for me to sew. The Tree of Life quilt designed by Anita Goodesign has been half made since Madeline needed help during her pregnancy with Katie.  The last couple of days the colourful border was sewn.


Now comes putting the rows together along with the 10 blocks of the tree to sew.  Wonder how much will be completed before Monday.




2 thoughts on “Trying to Sew Fast

  1. Wow, that’s beautiful! Congratulations to Mom and Grandma, oh, and I guess dad, too. =) And sibling, maybe, is excited. =) Sew, sew, sew!

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