I was not going to do it…start another project. NO NO NO.  DON’T DO IT.  I have been good.  Really I have.  Really.

I belong to a First Saturday of the month quilting group. We get together at a quilting shop about one hour from where I live. The owner of the shop is part of our group.

Two of the ladies are working on Dear Jane.  I did buy the book in 2004.  My husband and I are going to start traveling around Australia. I really did not want to be bored.  He insists on driving.  This is my justification to start something new.

Yup. I did it.  This is the material I own, ( I have two of the fat quarter bags full).


I really don’t like to keep to much as my tastes change often.  I used to buy material than a year later I would look at it and think to myself…What was I thinking? The material would end up in a charity bin.   DSC_0002

The ladies in the group pulled fabric for the first 10 blocks.  This is the fabric for the first block.  G-7 DSC_0004My idea is to copy the block onto 140 gram paper. I like to English Paper Piece with this weight.     1)   Place the background fabric on the paper, draw the block with pencil, add seam allowance and cut out. DSC_0001   2)   Cut the circle of the paper and glue fabric to the circle.     DSC_00021

3)    Center the circle on the background fabric and spot glue together.   4)  Copy the rectangles onto thin paper and cut out the rectangles. DSC_00044  5) Paper piece. When paper pieceing small pieces, after sewing a seam,  glue the fabric to the paper.  Every time I sew a seam, it is ironed, even if it is three stitches.  If I don’t I’m not happy with it. DSC_0005  6)   Press the seam allowances DSC_0006 7) glue to the block and sew.   DSC_0008   I think I am going to use no show thread and stitch on the machine using the blanket stitch.



5 thoughts on “NO NO NO

  1. A perfect project for travel time. Your caravan looks good in the banner. Is there a bathroom in there? I know some like that have one and some don’t. A pop-up is easier to tow, but I have to have a bathroom. =)

  2. A Dear Jane is a beautiful time consuming quilt and will keep you busy for countless hours! I’m a total enabler and have no self control when it comes to starting new projects so I say good for you, go for it 🙂

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