Sewing Time ???

I enjoy sewing.   

 I have discovered I am much calmer when I sew.   

 I need to sew.     


My sisters health declined and she needed help.  It did take a few months to nurse her back to good health.  There was no time to sew.  That was fine.  Today my sister is in good health.   I think I would have been a better carrier if I spent some time sewing even if it was when we watched TV together.

My darling daughter moved back home with the 2 year old daughter.  I love it.  I am having so much fun.  Running around after a two year old takes a lot of energy.  It is helping to keep me young.  Sewing gets put on the back burner but I love having her around. This year my daughter is putting her in day care two days a week.  I will miss her but I will set this time aside to sew.

My beautiful puppy Cupcake died.  He was the most gentle dog.  Cupcake just turned 15.  He was ill for a while and that made it even sadder. We all  loved Cupcake.  He brought a lot of happiness to our lives.  I see him out of the corner of my eye running from here to there. I see him under my feet, that is where Cupcake always could be found.  I miss him terribly.
cupcake dec 2015

My plan from now till Jan 3:

  1.    Sew one Dear Jane block.

  2.   Sew one block on the Sewn Seeds quilt.

If I don’t set my goals too big right now, I might be able to accomplish them.

          Have a blessed day,      Kathleen Mary



2 thoughts on “Sewing Time ???

  1. Oh so much going on for you the past few months! Stay strong and good for you for trying to get back in front of that sewing machine – you need a few minutes to recharge on occasion. Looking forward to seeing your next projects.

    • thank you for visiting my blog.
      I sew more than anything else, but I also enjoy other crafts.
      you might see other things this year.
      have a great new year.
      happy sewing hugs, kathy

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