Better Today

Last night I must have been very tired.  Today I have sewn on E – 9, Quilt Jail and it was not that difficult.  I’ve added the next row to this block. DSCN1967

There was time to sew a block on sewn seeds.  For the last two days I tried to sew this block and messed it up big time.  I am glad I am over stumbling block. If I messed up again I might have throw the quilt in the ocean.   ( I only live about 1/2 mile from the Pacific Ocean.)   DSCN1966It  may not be a lot of sewing, but it is keeping my sanity.

I’m linking up to Happy Needle and Thread Thursday.

I hope this worked.

Happy Sewing Hugs,  Kathleen Mary   



4 thoughts on “Better Today

  1. I don’t know – they might have traveled a long way, right to another quilter’s doorstep! I’m glad you weren’t forced to that point of desperation, though. =)

  2. Your blocks are wonderful. I’m glad you didn’t give up. It would be awful seeing quilt blocks floating in the ocean! But I truly understand your journey!

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