Westering Women BOM Block 1: Independence Square

I am joining the 2016 Block of the Month Series Westering Women,  on The Civil War Quilt blog. The block is posted on the last Wednesday of the month. Barbara Brockman is writing history posts to go along with the blocks.

I’m also participating in the 2016 Drop and Give Me 20 challenge.

Drop and Give Me Twenty 2015

I am banking on this challenge of sewing 20 mins a day to get me out of my non sewing slump and back into the swing of sewing. I feel so much better when I spend time sewing every day.  My pictures are also posted on the FB Drop and Give Me 20.

Today I sewed  Westering Women Block 1 : Independence Square.

First I had to play with my fabric to make sure I had just the right fabric.DSCN1997

Next I played with my sewing machine.DSCN2000

Now I am in the thinking stage. DSCN1998There is an idea on setting the blocks together on the blog, but I am considering other options.  Just don’t know what those options are yet.

Happy Sewing Hugs

Kathleen Mary




6 thoughts on “Westering Women BOM Block 1: Independence Square

  1. did you mean to have your block arranged differently or are your corners a mistake that you did not know you made – I hate to point out a mistake if it is not a mistake and was meant to be different.

    • Oh Karen, thank you so very much for pointing that out. I want it to be as in the BOM directions. Stay tuned. I’ll fix it on Wednesday.

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