DAY THREE: Drop and Give Me 20

I must have slept on the pillow the wrong way last night.  When I awoke my head was aching. All day long ache just didn’t want to go away. Even now as I write this, I still feel off.  I made a commitment to the February Drop and Give Me 20 challenge and I am sticking to it.

Feb 1 I sewed thisDSCN2000My intention was to sew block one of Westering Women BOM.

BUT that was not the actual setting of the block. I sewed it together wrong.  Today I pulled the block apart. Of course when I pulled it apart I used scissors instead of a seam ripper and I cut into the material on the block. Just proves when I don’t feel well I should not attempt to sew.DSCN2005I eventually cut new material and sewed to back together. Hopefully this time I sewed it the proper way.DSCN2012Happy Sewing Hugs

Kathleen Mary


6 thoughts on “DAY THREE: Drop and Give Me 20

  1. It looks nice, of course, but I kinda liked it the other way. It reminded me of some kind of native writing, like I see in petroglyphs sometimes. I guess that’s why I liked it so much – it seemed southwestern US!

  2. the block looks great and later when you are putting the quilt together you will probably be glad you took the time to get this one the way you wanted – although it didn’t look bad the way you had done it! hope you feel better – are you on the road or still sitting in – what was it – Nevada or Utah? Wish we could start traveling again but not happening until maybe fall if the contract job is over then

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