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My April Goals

I am trying to finish a baby quilt for a friend of mine.  DSCN2019She is having a new grandbaby and she lost her glasses. I did sew on the quilt in the evenings the last few daysto .  Now I need to finish the border.  Babysitting my grandbabies 5 days a week does not leave a lot of time left over except for the evenings.  I get a little tired I the evenings but I hope it have it finished by the end of the week.

Since my time is currently limited, I need to push myself a little. Soooo I have decided I will blog three to four times a week for a while to keep track of what I am accomplishing.

This is my current plan. Hopefully it will work.  If not I’ll redo it.

Applique Monday

Hexie Wednesday

Machine Stitching Friday

Wishing myself luck.

Kathleen Mary



Married to Peter. A wonderful marriage blessed by God. Three lovely children. Five incredible grandchildren.

One thought on “My April Goals

  1. That seems like a great plan! You’ll rotate through things, but if you want to, you can always change it.

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