Machine Stitching Friday April 15, 2016

Looking for a UFO to sew on, I came across my Dear Jane blocks.  The blocks found are my third attempt at sewing Dear Jane.  Twice before I sewed a lot of the blocks but for some reason became upset with it and gave them away. DSCN2042

Once again I stumbled with two blocks and quit sewing them. This time I have not given them away.  I put them away. Now they are back out ( I have more than the above) and they are going to be made into a Mini Jane. I have a plan and hopefully there will enough of time to put my plan into action….We’ll see. DSCN2054

Happy Sewing Hugs,  Kathleen Mary 


9 thoughts on “Machine Stitching Friday April 15, 2016

  1. I like what I see of your plan! I’ve seen a lot of beautiful ones, but never had the desire to make one myself. A small one sounds just perfect.

  2. Oh they’re beautiful. I’m sure the person who received your first set appreciated all your work. So happy you’ve taken out your second set and working on them. A mini Dear Jane will be beautiful as well. Your work is awesome. Maybe we need to have an online support group lol.

    • A support group like that would be great. Maybe it would keep my interest up.
      How is the weather in Oklahoma?
      Kathleen Mary

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