Slow Stitching

 Putting some of my Dear Jane blocks together as per the book,

I was not happy with it.  I think it was because I didn’t like the cream/white sashing I was using as in the original Dear Jane quilt.

It just did not look good.DSCN2106  So I took it apart and came up with this design instead.  I like what I did much better.

There are more bocks made but don’t know how many of them I’ll use in this quilt. DSCN2109

I’m thinking about adding this material and putting Dear Jane blocks in the corners.

Currently I’m ready to move onto something new.

 I know this looks like fast sewing but believe me it was very slow stitching for me.

My hand hurts a lot and taking care of the grandbabies I’m sure doesn’t help.DSCN2099

 Using a rotary cutter is very painful.  They only way I can cut using a rotary cutter is to make

one cut and rest my hand for a least 20 mins if not more. Nothing fast about that.

Using scissors is worse. 

Never mind, I guess the universe is telling me I need to just enjoy life right now. Problem is

I really enjoy sewing.

I will be seeing a hand specialist on the 12 of May. 

Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary

I’m linking up with  Slow Sunday Stitching on Kathy’s Quilts blog.



16 thoughts on “Slow Stitching

  1. Must have been nice to do a little sewing! DJ is looking good. Don’t push your hands to do to much too soon, though. Hope the specialist can help. What a cute smile that child has!

  2. I love your solution. Hope your wrist heals quickly. Until then get lots of healing hugs and giggles from those grands =)

  3. I hope your hand gets better soon. I have wrist/arm issues too and I find seeing a chiropractor and getting regular massages help. yoga helps a lot too with all the wrist strengthening, etc. But that obviously depends on what the hand specialist finds.

  4. There are some ergonomic rotary cutters that supposed to be better for your hands. I found one at JoAnn’s. Listen to your hand specialist, but make sure he knows how important your sewing is to you. I have had several hand surgeries and injuries. Sometimes rest works well (it is hard to do, but it works), sometimes therapy. I had about 12 weeks of inactivity a couple of years ago, but now my hands are just fine.

    • If I lived in the states I would go right to Joann’s. What type of hand surgeries did you have?
      I had three. That is why I am a little concerned about my hand again.

    • Oh Catherine thank you so very much. Sorry I have not responded earlier but I was too tired the last couple of day taking care of the babies.

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