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Goals for Friday May 6

 Thought I would make a plan just for today.  Lets see what can be accomplished today. 

On babysitting duties but I feel good today.DSCN2127DSCN2148 Maybe while she sleeps some sewing will be done.


 Sew third layer of petals on caswell quilt.        Accomplished

Prep next layer of petals on caswell quilt.     When I prepped the next layer of leaves I did not like the look.  So I did not put them on the flower.    I choose fabric for the center and prepped the center of the flower.

 Add 2 side boarders to Mini Dear Jane.     Nope

 Print off set 5 of 1857.   Done

Choose colors for one block in 1857 quilt.    Done

Prep one bloc 1857 quilt.    Done








Think I will make a list for tomorrow.  It did help me today.

Add two side boarders to Mini Dear Jane.

Sew the center of the Caswell flower prepped today.

Prepare stems for block A-1 Caswell Quilt.

Sew the 1857 block that I prepped Friday.

Sew two connecting sets on the Hexie quilt.

Rip the mistake on the baby quilt.

Walk to the end of the road and back.

Happy Sewing Hugs,     Kathleen Mary






Married to Peter. A wonderful marriage blessed by God. Three lovely children. Five incredible grandchildren.

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